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About Our Founder: Meet the Team



Kiesha Williams was raised in the inner city of St. Louis, MO in the 70s and grew up during a very challenging era. Within her community there was a common mantra that everyone lived by of “It Takes A Village to Raise A Child!  The community at large provided for the community.  We all knew our neighbors and we were all responsible for each other. 

While being raised in many different communities within the inner city she was able to witness the ups and downs of what her community had to deal with when it came to resources as a whole.  The depravity and all its crushing effects.  Which gave Kiesha a desire to see more and do more. 

Even as a young person Kiesha had a passion to help and heal those around her.  To raise not only their quality of life but their understanding of what to expect in it as well.  As she began grasping that concept for her own life God began putting individuals in her path who were tired of the old status quo and desired more.

Through God’s grace he used Kiesha to minister hope and deliverance to these individuals.  Knowing that there was more to do; God birthed a ministry of healing through her loins.  First she started reaching out to women ages 16 on up via the social media platform Facebook called EmpowHer 2 Move.  Within this platform she was able to touch the lives of a vast variety of women from all backgrounds and nationalities; where they were allowed a safe space to unwind, grow and detach from the everyday responsibilities and duties they had to take on. 

After seeing the impact that it was having in individuals lives she began to broaden her scope of help to all genders; understanding if women were going through this and needed a safe space then men were as well.  With that being the case in 2019 she began working on her non-for-profit organization.  After throwing around many names around she finally settled on Empowering You 2 Move. 

Within this organization she was able to help individuals from ages 16 on up experience life changes with the expectation of growth but knowing that with that growth relapses would happen. Teaching that with those relapses we can learn to respond to them rather than what has been embedded in us as a reaction. Her goal was to take her life experiences and use those to help those in her community be empowered through education, behavior modification, healing, strength, and resources. 

Kiesha’s goal is to help individuals/families overcome real-life challenges by providing essential services and a safe community, while empowering them to be self-sufficient adults. She has been able to successfully facilitate these services by offering job readiness programs, life and parenting skills classes, providing everyday resources, and behavior modification programs.

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